Charlotte is a single mom to 3 year old Marley. She has more than 16 years of experience in the fashion industry, 12 years as a Stylist and Fashion Director for Danish fashion magazines. Charlotte is an educated Fashion Designer with an eye for fashion-forward trends in the industry.

Obiebébé was founded by Charlotte with the vision of creating sustainable, fashion forward, gender-free styles in high quality for our little ones - so it can be worn and reused from child to child and generation to generation.

Marley and Charlotte spend their everyday life in Copenhagen. Growing up in Copenhagen inspired and established the importance of the Copenhagen roots and lifestyle for Obiebébé. Copenhagen is famous for it's unique culture life, design esthetics and for it’s embracement of the children scene - which is an enormous source of inspiration for Charlotte.

Charlottes personal style is also expressed through Obiebébé and Marley is her muse. All designs are tested and adapted through Marley and Charlottes everyday life in Copenhagen.

Obiebébé arose because Charlotte was missing children's clothing with a international street vibe, that match the fashion trends in the adult fashion industry but still was playful and easy to wear, so it would match the need of children - no matter gender.

“Ive been wearing sweatsuits in mens styleall my life. I bought half my wardrobe in the mens department. I wear colors to match my mood on the day and styles which reflect my personality. That way, I always feel comfortable and self assured”.

Obiebébé’s main focus is to be a gender-free brand that encourage all children to wear whatever color and style that makes them feel good. After all, style doesn't have a gender - why should it?

“I hope that you will appreciate the softness, the high quality and the love I have put into each product giving your Obiebébé product a long life”.


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