In a time that champions self-expression, assigning blue and pink onesies to babies at birth feels a bit dated. As we move away from the idea that action figures are only for boys and dolls for girls, the loosening of gender stereotypes calls for children’s clothing brands to follow suit.

Until recently, companies weren’t paying much attention to creating unisex garb, with most of them clinging to the traditional roles that clothes often play. And while certain girls may always gravitate toward tulle dresses it’s time to make space for the ones who prefer a sporty tracksuit or sweats. And the same goes for boys—if he’s pulled towards shades of peach and blush, it’s time to offer a wider spectrum of options.

Obiebébé wants to make it easier for parents and kids alike to choose according to style.

So Instead of reinforcing dated gender stereotypes, Obiebébé have chosen to put the focus on creating high-quality, playful and fashion forward styles that are made sustainable. And they still have tons of personality, from bright colors, to bold prints.

The best part? Obiebébé is thoughtfully crafted (made with sustainably sourced or organic materials), and durable enough to stand the test of playtime or be passed down to younger siblings or friends regardless of gender.

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